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Update: February 27, 2021

We are holding our second annual winter BBQ on February 27. COVID protocols followed, and completely drive-thru. We will have cones and signs set to follow, to make this a smooth process. Order and pay at the Community Center side door, then drive to the front door and pick up your order. Please see the menu above to chose your meal. We take cash, check, or Paypal, You can also check out our facebook page to ask questions or make a comment. Food will be ready by 10:30 a.m. Hope to see you there! There will be 100 chicken and 100 pork dinners available. Hatfield Catering is cooking! Support your local business. All proceeds go to the LEC. Our profits help Lansing High School Seniors, Rec department scholarships, the yearly carnival and many other donations as needed. Thank you all for your support!

Update: September 3, 2020

Back in early July, the Lansing Events Committee had the unfortunate position of having to announce the cancellation of the Lansing Community Celebration 2020. Phase 4, which we were in at the time, included high-risk activities, such as: carnivals, concerts, performing arts, theater arts, water parks and the like, the reason being, they will go over the gathering limit of 50 people, which as of today, is still the case. If Phase 4 were to completely open in Tompkins County, the LEC would not have had ample time to organize the parade, book the acts, prepare the carnival, and have enough membership to make sure the proper PPE were being followed.

Even though we are still in the planning stages of businesses and activities still opening, we are excited to announce that we are going to bring a Carnival Food Fest to Myers Park on October 2, 3, and 4th! Gillette Shows will be bringing their food trucks to Myers Park and setting up to serve in a drive through fashion, bringing all of your favorite's, fried dough, hot sausage, cotton candy and lots more! All social distancing, and mask wearing will be used.

More details will be coming as soon as we have all the details worked out. Please check back here in the coming weeks and check our facebook page!

We would like to thank everyone for their support of our past events and your support of our future celebrations. Please keep us on your calendars for a full carnival in 2021!


The Lansing Events Committee is made up of the former members of the Lansing Bicentennial Committee that organized the 2017 event. It was such a success, that we were asked to regroup, from that, the new, 100% volunteer, 501 C3, non-profit, the Lansing Events Committee was formed. We are made up of a set of officers and combined we are a Board of Directors. Our group is working hard to bring you family friendly events that foster community involvement and spirit. Our next project is going to be the return of Lansing Days. We need your support! Any help in the way of volunteering or donations is truly appreciated. Our committee is always looking for Lansing residents that are interested in wholesome, fun family events, to be a part of our small group. We meet the second Wednesday of each month. The meetings last about an hour. We host chicken BBQ's, featuring Hatfield Catering, as well as fundraiser raffles, we would love to set up at your event, and will gladly accept any donation. Any donations we receive are used towards the Lansing Recreation scholarships as as well as our Lansing High School Scholarships that we give for seniors. Remember, your donation is tax deductible!

Thank you for supporting the Lansing Events Committee!

Committee Officers:

  • Valerie McMillen: President

  • Norfe Pirro: Vice President

  • Scott McMillen: Secretary

  • Barbara Reynolds: Treasurer


Committee Members:

  • Darrell Rhoads: Lansing Fire Commissioner

  • Dennis Griffin: Lansing Fire Department

  • Mesa Mayton: community member

  • Angy Golden: Lansing Ladies Auxillary

  • Barbara Gregg: Lansing Ladies Auxillary

  • Ed Lavigne: Lansing Town Supervisor, Honorary member

Li'l Miss and Mister contest! Stay tuned for more information...

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Parade information, more details to come:

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